About Us

About Us

'RARE HOMES' is a Award Winning company established in 2006 in Dubai with the objective to provide new highly improved Real Estate Web Solutions for all brokers, investors and individuals who are interested in finding a new innovative way to assemble significant information about Properties in Dubai. RARE HOMES will provide solutions that are complete, simple and conducive to rapid speed.

Rare Homes Property's consumer site offers Internet exposure for marketing Real Estate in Dubai. Developers, brokers and property owners can display their properties on their website along with thousands of other properties and benefit from the service and applications this web-based platform has to offer.

The platform consists of a wide and constantly updated database of available residential and commercial real estate in Dubai including complete details and pictures of all listed properties allowing a transparent display in the search for properties in Dubai. the database invites customers to look through listings offering a variety of search criteria options tailored to their needs

Ethics, information sharing and professionalism are the cornerstones on which UAE Propertiess e-marketing solution was created.

The team behind this company consists of major investors and brokers with experience and knowledge in the International Real Estate Market. Inspired by different experiences, this platform is based on similar local and intercontinental businesses.

Our Mission

The mission of 'RARE HOMES' is to enhance and facilitate information sharing between real estate professionals and the general public in the UAE and around the world by creating a web-based platform, which in its turn contributes to the booming of property development in Dubai.

Our Success

'RARE HOMES' has the objective to be the set off station of real estate e-marketing in UAE and contribute in a revolutionary new way to sharing real estate information online.'


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Rare Homes Real Estate LLC

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